Best way to burn fat without supplements

Shedding fat is not easy; just ask anyone trying to shed those extra pounds. More often than not it seems as if the more aggressive a person is, the harder it is to shed weight. Whether your aim is to get into shape for the purpose of bodybuilding or to look great for the beach, fat loss is actually the hardest incentive to train.

Fortunately, there are proven best ways to help you burn fat without supplements as stated below.

Best way to burn fat without supplements

Workout Moderately with Weights and Aerobics, Slowly Increasing them as you Burn Fat

If you are overweight , it is most likely best to begin your fat burning journey at low intensity aerobics and weight training, so as to make sure that your body will not be under stress at this phase. If significantly overweight (above 20% body in males and 30% in females), It is ideally to work moderately as a way in which to slowly move to a higher intensity program.

Slowly Minimize all the Bad Fats, While Tactfully Cutting Back on Carbohydrates

It has been proven that fat intake on the wrong kind of food will cause increased fat gain. This takes place beaus the body will generally burn carbohydrates for fat and use proteins for repair. Hence, it makes sense to avoid all bad fat while increasing the good type.

Eat Your Breakfast Everyday

One habit that is quite popular to most people who have shed weight and do not gain back is taking their breakfast everyday. Most people think that skipping breakfast is ideal way to cut calories, but they eventually end up eating more throughout the day. Research has shown that people who take breakfast have lower BMIs compared to people who skip breakfast and perform better, whether at work or in at school. Have a bowl of whole grain cereal with fruit and low fat diet for fast nutrition to begin your day.

Blend in Aerobic Sessions

For variety, to get rid of boredom and promote adherence, it is vital to do a variety of aerobic activities. These varieties of activities will also have different fat burning outcomes. Mixed up, they can stimulate the metabolism to greater heights, hence enhancing fat loss on a bigger scale.

Workout Aerobically After Strength Training or Immediately When you Wake Up

Professionals say that training aerobically immediately after weight training, or immediately when you wake up, will boost and stimulate better gains in fat loss. What will happen is that glycogen stores will be eliminated at this time and hence fat will be used directly as fuel. In most instances this technique has shown to be effective. However, certain people feel that it is not a reliable method. It s worth the try though.

High Intensity Interval Training

This is an advanced type of aerobics meant to strip the body at a very high rate. Although it is not meant for everybody, as it can be quite demanding. High intensity interval training is among the most effective fat burning methods for the beginner or advanced trainer.

Drink A lot of Water

In most effective weight loss stories, one popular theme emerge, an increased water intake is vital for weight loss. Taking water is crucial for metabolism as it helps the liver perform the function of converting fat for energy purposes.

Unfortunately, the liver also needs to function on behalf of the kidney, hence lowering overly liver functionality, which can have serious consequences for the fat absorbing process. Hence taking enough water is a vital step towards fat burning. Take at least a gallon of water in a day, more if overweight or living in hot climate.


Minimize Your Alcohol Intake

One of the negative practices when wanting to burn fat is taking alcohol, it will not only give you empty calories but will also reduce appetite and lower testosterone levels for a whole day, testosterone works great in preventing fat absorption. Alcohol will also minimize the number of fat calories that have been burned for energy.

After taking alcohol it is converted into acetate, which is used as an alternative of fat for energy, hence assisting the body to maintain its fat build up. For a person who is overweight, alcohol is definitely a problem on this single basis.



Get healthy by losing weight

Many people around the world today suffer from being overweight and obese due to many varied dietary changes. Losing weight is the safest way to stay healthy and also to help you overcome an array of varied chronic conditions like diabetes and others health issues that can cause you problems. Eating the correct food will help you in your quest to lose weight.


In order for a person know if he is overweight or obese. He should first calculate his BMI that is Body Mass Index, either by the help of a registered health practitioner or by using a simple formula which, is weight in Kilograms divide by height in meters squared. A BMI of 18 to 24.5 is okay but above that your are overweight.

Shedding of extra body fat either by exercise or dietary changes has numerous benefits that include; avoidance of health issues such as:

  • Chronic Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • and other issues such as gallstones

Also, losing weight is beneficial to a person both psychological and emotional. This is because it helps a person to have a high self-esteem and self-worth. Losing weight also makes a person look attractive and makes him more socially acceptable. It’s easy to start a diet and you have many to choose from. The Dukan Diet, The Caveman Diet (aka. Paleo Diet), Atkins. With all the support you’ll ever need getting your weight back on track is easier than ever.

Coronary heart diseases

Majority of chronic heart diseases such as heart attacks caused by a condition known as Atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis a condition whereby the blood vessels becomes thicker due to a lot of fat deposits accumulating  around them, losing weight can help to avoid this condition by reducing the excess fat in the body.


People who have weight issues or obese have a high likelihood of developing gallstones in the gallbladder.

Some gallstones are ‘silent’ and do not affect the body in any way and go away on their own while some are painful

And can be life-threatening and need to be removed by surgery. Having a high-fat diet leads to the gallbladder being saturated with cholesterol that leads to the formation of the gallstones.


Being overweight or obese increases the risk of a person getting cancer. This is because a person who is overweight tends to have a diet high in fats and low on fruits and fresh vegetables which have antioxidants that help to fight  cancerous cells and can provide protective qualities.

Finally, losing weight is beneficial because it helps a person avoid some of the most chronic conditions that are life threatening.

But before trying to lose weight an individual should get advice from a registered nutritionists or health practitioners on the best way to lose weight.Losing weight is also a great way to enjoy life.

You can find out more information about living healthy and some great foods you can eat while maintaining a good diet.

5 Movies to Inspire you to workout

There is no doubt that even the most dedicated and experienced body builders need a little inspiration to hit the gym harder. Whether it is the desire to acquire a muscled body like Arnold Schwarzenegger or a lean body figure like Bruce Lee, there is always a BluRay for everybody to inspire them to hit the gym.
Statistics show that most people who begin new workout classes abandon the class within two to three months. However, for those determined body builders who want to possess well toned curves, flat tummies and six packs, there is no better way to than seeking inspiration from movie actors who transform their physique for a movie.
Some of the best movies for workout inspiration include;


Rocky is a classic movie that was released in 1976. The movie features Sylvester Stallone (Rocky) as a small time boxer with an ambition to defeat Apollo Creed the heavy weight champion. Sylvester Stallone is portrayed as an underdog who rises against all odds to become a champion.
The training used by Stallone seems impossible especially the scene where he is required to climb the steps of Philadelphia museum as part of his training. Vigorous training is depicted throughout the movie and this is the reason as to why he defeated the world heavy weight championship.

Pain and Gain

Pain and Gain is another great movie that can inspire any aspiring body builder. The movie revolves all around money and respect and captures the essence of body building, girls, weights and muscle vests. Pain and Gain features Mark Wahlberg who dreams of being the man who rules the town having his pick of women and spending his entire time working out in the gym.
Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and Mark Wahlberg make a great muscled duo who perfect their physique by hitting hard on the gym. The duo lived in a community surrounded by hot women walking around in bikinis and tops and this fact makes all the guys want to have the best body physique.

American Psycho

Christian Bale’s physical condition is incredible in this movie that was released in 2000. The movie revolves around a serial killer and neither qualifies as an action movie or sports movie. This movie showcased the actor’s immense vigorous training which involved training three hours a day for six days a week. His training included weight lifting and cardio training.

Pumping Iron

This is considered by many body builders as the godfather of all inspiring movies. It is also the movie that put Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzeneger into international stardom. The movie portrays the rigorous training that Arnold and Lou underwent to compete head to head in Mr. Olympia competition finals. Arnold was the king of the mountain as well as the poster boy of body building who made a living by hitting the weights. All female attention was directed to him and this hugely motivated him to work even harder.

Enter The Dragon

Enter the dragon is probably the most famous and even inspirational martial art movie of all time. It is also Bruce Lee’s most iconic movie that continues his legacy of martial arts. Bruce Lee may not have been the most masculine guy but he was a well trained individual who could take on huge guys despite his small physique. Though he had a small physique, he had a body that can only be achieved through hard training.